Nature inspired visual language

As some of you know, I have been slowly  transitioning towards an “abstract” style of painting. Along the way, I have tried many sources for my inspiration. As a whole though, creating works that might resemble a relic or a sacred icon (though mostly arbitrary in execution) sprinkled with lots of goof humor, has been my catalyst, and along the way I have discovered I love playing with curvilinear forms, circles and color.

More recently, I have incorporated forms found in nature, dandelions and other spikey weeds, into my shapes I create in my art.

In my latest work, “Dandelion Lady” I give the status of Dandelion a much over due place of reverence. I love the curvilinear symmetry of dandelion leaves and the stages at which the dandelion flowers and then spreads it’s floating starters in the air.

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