Lullaby, oil on panel. A new work! I’ve been playing around with line and symmetry forms found in nature. I would normally add that this is a new direction for me, but experience has taught me that I rarely follow one track for very long. ūüôā For those interested in technique, I blocked the entire […]

Anticipating Spring

Anticipating Spring

Looking back over the years, I have spotted a trend in my work. I seem to come to a point in the gray months of winter when my artwork reflects a yearning for brighter and longer days. Here are a few works I did this winter that seemed to anticipate spring.

Nature inspired visual language

Nature inspired visual language

As some of you know, I have been slowly¬† transitioning towards an “abstract” style of painting. Along the way, I have¬†tried many sources for my inspiration. As a whole though,¬†creating works that might resemble a relic or a sacred¬†icon (though mostly arbitrary in execution) sprinkled with lots of goof humor, has been¬†my¬†catalyst,¬†and along the way […]

Little Bo Peep

Illustration is very challenging and exciting. When I was younger, I thought that one could start an art career by illustrating children’s books and gradually work your way to the fine art-gallery world. Alas, this is not true. In fact, for me the opposite is true. I have had a pretty good go at the […]

Spring Water, oil on canvas – 40″ x 30″

“Spring Water”¬†was finished up in time for International Woman’s Day. Using a few doodles as my launching point, this painting was¬†created¬†with a very relaxed and spontaneous spirit. Relying on the preconceived structure of the composition, that was based on my initial sketch,¬†allowed me to paint freely and reactionary without having to worry much about the […]

Early Spring

I finally painted an early spring inspired work.¬†I made¬†this with one of my favorite methods of painting-Palette Knife! I would say 95% of this painting is done with a knife. In order to achieve the inlay effect with the lines, I work the smaller areas first. Working with the knife insures a very¬†impasto look. The […]

Aquarius-always a mystic

I really can’t help myself sometimes with all this mystical subject matter. I am very attracted to it. I find the constellations to be a delightful combination of science and mythology. At anytime of the year, you can count on these dazzling shapes to appear just as predicted. They mark time and organize the galaxy. […]

Waxy Petal

“Waxy Petal” encaustic, oil pastel on panel. 10″ x 10″

Happy New Year!

Here’s a little bunny I made in celebration of the new year. It was created using procreate. Looking forward to seeing what 2016 has in store! Boogie Bunny